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Stencil generates complete application with full CRUD capabilities without writing a line of code.

CodeStencil provides a revolutionary way of code generation.
With CodeStencil, there is no need to learn a new templating language. All you need is a sample of code you already have and then CodeStencil will help you build a stencil (similar to a template) that you can reuse for code generation.


CodeStencil comes packed with so many features that makes complicated code generation a thing of the past.

Simple & Familiar Interface

The interface is quite similar to Visual Studio only with fewer elements.

Tree Structure for Code Logic

You get a tree structure showing your logic as well as the folder structure of your generated code.

Generate code in any language

You can generate code in any programming language.

3rd Party Stencil Developer Opportunities

You can create your own library of stencils to sell. 

No Template Language

You do not need to learn a new templating language. No need to learn T4 or Yeoman.

Create Stencil from existing code

All you need is code you already created and you can easily create a stencil from that code.

Extensibility Framework

You can call your own DLLs (Assemblies)! as long as they are developed in C#. This gives you limitless possibilities in integrating your code.


CodeStencil provides a quick and easy way to start building your Stencils ( or commonly called "Templates"). It helps you leverage already developed code as the starting point of your Stencil creation. Taking it a step further, you can link your own code, even user interfaces to enhance and customize the code generation experience.


About CodeStencil

CodeStencil is Published and Marketed by Zera Systems Inc.

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