Table Lists

Name: ZeraSystems.CodeNanite.TableListS

Expansion Label: CS_TABLE_LISTS

Nanite Label/Expansion: TableListS


Description: Triggers a loop that cycles through the tables listed under the Global Schema. Code is then generated for every table which is pluralized.

This is applicable at the folder/file level as well as the code level. 

Folder Level: When you use the expansion label - [%CS_TABLE_LISTS%] as the label for a Node, you can generate folders having the name of the table(s) as you cycle through the list. For example, the below shows the [%CS_TABLE_LISTS%] expansion label used as the label of the node (of folder) under the "temp" node.

This setup will cause the following folders to be created under the temp folder during code generation:

And likewise, filenames with the same name as the folder plus the suffix ".cs" will also be created:

because the expansion label was used as part of a filename.






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