VS Console Template Stencil

This stencil was created by reverse engineering the souce code created from the Visual Studio console application template.

Steps To Use:

Step 1: Load CodeStencil

If you get the "Quick Start Wizard"

Step 2: Click the NEXT button
Step 3: (a) Type in your project name, (b) Select the "vs_console_app" stencil

Step 4: Click FINISH


If you DO NOT get the "Quick Start Wizard":

Step 2: Create a NEW PROJECT

Step 3: Enter the project name

Step 4: Click on stencil button to open list of stencils

Step 5: Select the vs_console_app

Step 6: Click OK to save

The project is created based on the vs_console_app stencil. 


Code Generation

To generate your code:

Step 7: Click the GENERATE button



Release Notes

Current version is 1.0 


About CodeStencil

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