Stencil Properties

You can access the Stencil properties in 2 ways:


Option 1: Double-Click on the root folder


Option 2: From the context menu


Stencil Properties Form


Name: This is the name of the Stencil. It is the same as the filename and cannot contain illegal characters. It is read-only on the form.

Created By: Identifies the creator of the Stencil. It is pre-filled with the username from the machine.

Description: This describes the Stencil.

Version: This is the version number of the Stencil.

Filename: This is the physical filename of the Stencil file.

Output Folder: This is the folder the code will be generated.

Stencil Type: This indicates the type of Stencil. It only serves a labeling/identification purpose and does not determine the type of code generated in any way.

Comments/Notes: You can add comments here.

Locked: The usual practice is to lock a Stencil before shipping so that all the nodes are set to read-only. This will help prevent your end-users from making unintended changes. You create a project from a stencil and the project is what you should make changes to.

Node Generation Only: You check this option when you do not want to generate an entire Stencil, and would rather generate one node at any given time. A typical case would be when you have snippets of code in those nodes for specific blocks of unrelated code and you just want to generate ad-hoc based on the specific code you want. When you check this, the code generation button on the toolbar becomes disabled, so then, only one node at a time can be generated.

Referenced Assemblies: These are Code Nanite attached to code generation logic of the Stencil.


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