DevExtreme Grid Stencil - Lookups

You can set up lookups from the Global Schema panel and get the necessary code generated for you with minimal effort.

Using the Chinook Database Schema, We will set up the lookup for the Album table, but first, make sure you have completed Importing the Chinook Database Schema.  

Step 1: Set Table Label

Using the Album Table, we will set up lookup to the ArtistID column. In order to be able to do this, we need to specify a property ("Set As Table Label") in the Artist Table.  This property will be set on the "Name" column in the Artist Table. See (2) below.

1 -  Name: This is the name of the column. In the case of the screenshot, "Name" also happens to be the name of the column (See Column Edit Form, Artist Table). So, the label - "Name" will be generated to the displayExpr property (See Generated Code), See (2) below for conditions necessary.

2 - The Artist Table has the ArtistId and Name columns. However, in order to know which of these 2 columns should be used for the displayExpr property, you have to make the one you want to use as a Table Label by checking the "Set As Table Label" checkbox as shown in the Column Edit Form.



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