Node Types

The Code Tree consists of nodes which represent elements of code generation. These can be files, folders, pop-up forms, or even executable commands.

You can open up a node for editing by double-clicking on the selected node or selecting EDIT from the context menu.

Once the Node Update Form is loaded, the Node Type droplist looks like this:


In the current release of CodeStencil, these are the types of nodes: Folder, File, Form, Command, Notes, Virtual Folder.

Folder: This node type will create a physical folder along with your output path during code generation. The name of the folder is the label of the node.

File: This node type will create a physical file during code generation. The name of the file is the label of the node.

Form: This node opens a pop-up form that is based on a Code Nanite which in itself is a windows form.

Command: Ths note type allows you to run a command prompt targetting an executable with parameters passed.

Notes - The Notes node type allows you to keep notes/comments in a node.


Virtual Folder - Unlike the Folder node type, a Virtual Folder simply is a folder ( or node) that can help you to group some elements of the Code Tree together. In this case, an actual folder IS NOT GENERATED during code generation. For example, you may be using  Code Nanites that brings up different forms. You may want to group these together for easy identification.



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